Hudson Valley New York Attorney Protecting Those Charged With Assault

The degree of an assault charge filed against you depends on the details leading up to your arrest.
At the Vardan Law Office, we provide experienced representation on behalf of our clients facing assault charges
and carefully analyze each client's specific situation.

Sometimes the assault charges filed may not accurately describe what really happened. This is why you need a dedicated and skilled assault attorney that can protect and defend your rights. 

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Sometimes a small misunderstanding or a heated argument may result in allegations of assault. Since the law takes a very strict view towards these types of circumstances, the impact of assault charges can go further than what many people may realize.

For instance, assault charges can result in restraining orders and damaged reputations. If a weapon is involved, assault charges can result in even more serious consequences such as incarceration. Therefore, it is in your best interest to consult with us early so we can advise you of your rights.  We defend assault offenses including:

  • Intent to Cause Physical Injury
  • Assault with Existing Protective Orders
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Felony Assault
  • Gang Assault
  • Reckless Endangerment
  • Vehicular Assault

In order to analyze each client’s specific circumstances thoroughly, we investigate what really happened,
interview witnesses and review police reports.  We know every client requires individual attention and we provide this to you throughout your entire case.

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Assault Attorney

If you or someone you know is facing assault charges that require expert legal representation, rely on the experience of the Vardan Law Office in Newburgh, New York .

We offer a variety of payment options to suit our clients' needs.

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